Summer Internship at Apple!

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Haha a little bit late on this but during the summer of 2020, I started a summer internship as a Software Engineer Intern at Apple! Fun fact, I first found out that I was selected for an internship interview while I was at Disneyland (pre-COVID ofc) so I guess Disneyland is where dreams do come true 😉

Honestly though, this really was a dream internship, since I am absolutely obsessed with Apple. It only makes sense that I would also want to intern here after going to Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference three times, creating and publishing apps to the Apple App Store, and owning mostly Apple products in my house. When I did envision a dream internship at Apple, I originally thought I was going to live in Cupertino and have an in-person internship. Obviously, those plans didn’t pan out because of the pandemic that hit soon after I got my offer letter from Apple.

I will say though that despite being remote in my own bedroom, I still enjoyed my internship at Apple. It just worked out that I enjoyed my project and my team that summer, and Apple still had virtual events for interns like Q&A’s with CEO Tim Cook and virtual scavenger hunts and competitions that were still fun and allowed me to meet other incredible interns online. The intern communication channels were also really active and fun and it was fun communicating with everyone online. In fact, I enjoyed my internship so much that I extended my internship until this coming May and decided to take a year gap from school (more to come on that in a new post hehe).

Overall, I loved my internship and I feel so lucky to be able to experience working at Apple as just a freshman. It definitely exceeded my expectations for a virtual internship and I will definitely miss working at Apple once I leave in a few months.

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