The Buffering App

The Buffering App¹ is an iOS mobile application designed to help high school and college students understand the concept of chemical buffers. The app has several resources to help students learn, including:

  • notes covering the most important information about buffers
  • demonstrations of practice problems regarding buffers
  • explanations of graphs describing titrations forming buffered solutions
  • practice questions to assess knowledge of buffers

other resources

Click below to learn more about chemical buffers.

Khan AcademyAcid Base Equilibria

Hank GreenBuffers, the Acid Rain Slayer: Crash Course Chemistry #31

SparkNotesAcids and Bases: Buffers: Buffered Solutions

Varsity TutorsBuffers – AP Chemistry

¹**Disclaimer – despite the name, The Buffering App does not incessantly buffer/load. The name was solely chosen due to its pun nature ¯\_(ツ)_/¯