I started a podcast!

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So around the end of last summer, I remember getting into podcasts more and listening to them during drives and workouts after seeing a sudden burst of podcast recs and people asking about podcast recs in mass groupchats. There was one podcast, Breaking Math specifically, that had an Anchor ad at the beginning (so ig ads do really capture your attention huh?) for using them as a platform to start your own podcast, and the idea suddenly came – I should start a podcast!

It also helped that I wanted to try something new for my gap year that I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise, and I also wanted to try a new initiative with ThinkSTEAM. As a result, I decided to combine both of these gap year goals and start a podcast, Lightbulb Moment (as an ode to ThinkSTEAM’s logo with the lightbulb), which features interviews with incredible women in STEAM, media, and entrepreneurship. We have some awesome guests, like YouTubers iJustine and Sara Dietschy, NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir, and many more. Check out the podcast below!

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