APs, mid-terms, finals…you got this!

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Hi everyone! Now, I am going to stray off from my usual posts about some of my tech and leadership experiences because I feel that there is a certain topic that I need to address: TESTS!!

Fortunately, I just finished all of my mid-terms last week and I know most people have gotten them over with as well, but many people are still stressing over other exams that they have, especially if they are enrolled in Advanced Placement classes like I am. As a junior in high school, I understand that tests are the last thing that you ever want to think about, but with SATs/ACTs/APs/etc, we cannot live without doing so. So don’t worry, you are NOT alone!

I think that the most important thing you can do in terms of preparing yourself for any test is just to think positive. Yes, I know that may be hard, but if you let your stress take over your thoughts, you are not doing anything to help yourself. Like everyone else, I do get stressed out sometimes, and stress is motivating if at a MODERATE level, but your body can only handle so much stress before it becomes harmful. When you let stress take over, you divert your attention from studying your notes to thinking about how unprepared you are for your 2,3,4 tests tomorrow. You waste precious study time because you are worrying about bombing your exams instead of productively absorbing the content that you will be tested on.

So if you ever feel stressed out or feel like you can’t focus on studying… take a break! The human brain can only focus its attention efficiently on one specific subject for 45 minutes at a time before it starts to zone out. Take a shower, eat something, watch Netflix, sleep, do whatever you need to do so that you can feel motivated to continue studying for your tests. But don’t overstretch your breaks because you don’t want to work! Balancing work and play is key to a successful lifestyle. In other words, you still need to study to do well, but it is very much okay to take timed breaks in the middle of your studying to relax your mind 🙂

As long as you are confident and believe in yourself and believe that you are the smart human being that you are, you are all set! I am super confident that you are going to crush your future tests, but the only thing that matters is whether you believe so as well. So good luck on whatever exams you have to come!! Whatever it is that you are stressed about, don’t sweat it. If you have upcoming APs, mid-terms, finals…you got this!

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