Technovation Global Semifinalist!

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OMG! I am a Technovation Global Semifinalist with SafetyPin – the app that my team, ClassFive, virtually created! After meeting each other at the She++ #include Fellowship Summit in California in April, I was able to form a team with Anika Rawat from California, Moya Ly from Ohio, Fasica Mersha from Georgia, and Valerie Tse from Washington. SafetyPin was created to reduce the number of sexual assault cases and create a better and easier path for victims to achieve legal justice and protection. As five girls from different states across the country, we noticed that sexual assault was prevalent in all of our cities and sought to break the cycle of sexual assault. We were able to survey 68 people nation wide about their knowledge and experience of sexual assaults and based on the results, we were able to put together SafetyPin and a business plan for Technovation.

This experience has been super cool! I loved working with other girls virtually who share the same passion as I do and it was really fun to pitch our app at the Georgia Regional Pitch virtually through a video call 🙂

5 Girls. 5 States. 1 Cause.

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